Top 4 engineering jobs in demand today

There is always demand for engineers. Studies have shown that the demand will remain for the next decades as well. This sector has the lowest rate of unemployment. Here are the top engineering jobs of today and tomorrow.

1. Software engineering


The technology is advancing every day. With the introduction of mobile computing and cloud technology, the software engineers are now in demand. New systems and apps are being developed, and more engineers are needed to deal with it. This sector is evolving rapidly and provides excellent career opportunities and high salaries for the graduates.

2. Aerospace engineering jobs


We expect to have 25,000 passenger planes and more than 30,000 commercial helicopters by the year 2031. The aerospace technology is also improving. This sector is expected to grow and create opportunities for engineering graduates who have strong technical knowledge of the aerospace systems.

3. Civil engineering jobs


There will always be infrastructure needs. These include construction of new roadways, management of water supply, residential and commercial real estate development, and more.This sector is always on demand. Even in times of recession, civil engineers are needed to repair existing infrastructures.

4. Biomedical engineering


Rapid innovations are taking place to meet the requirements of the aging populations around the world. There is constant innovation in medical technologies, 3D printing, and more. There is a huge demand for biomedical engineers.

If you are thinking of having a career in engineering, then these are the fields you should look into. These fields have huge demand today and in future. There are growth opportunity and high salary in these engineering sectors, making them excellent choices for your career.

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