Top 3 innovations in the field of biomedical engineering over the last decade

There has been outstanding progress in the field of biomedical engineering in the last decade. Engineers and scientists have invented some break-through innovations in this field. Here are the major innovations we have seen in the past decade.

Needle-free diabetes care

Taking care of diabetes can be painful. You need to constantly draw blood for testing your glucose level. As you need to take daily insulin shots, the risk of infection has increased. Eco Therapeutics are developing technologies to replace these needle pokes with a patch. They are trying to come up with a transdermal biosensor that reads blood sugar level without drawing blood. A hand-held device will be used to remove some top-layer skin cells so that they are in the signal range of the patch. The readings are sent wirelessly to a remote monitor which triggers alarms if the patient’s glucose levels are high over time.

Robotic check-ups

You will soon see robots patrolling the hospital hallways for routing rounds and checking on patients in various rooms. They will manage their individual charts and vital signs without any intervention from a human. The RP-VITA Remote Presence Robot is developed by iRobot Corp. and InTouch Health. It is yet to receive FDA clearance for use in hospitals.

Mind-reading device

Mind-reading means the subconscious detection and analysis of nonverbal cues; for example, head movements, and facial expressions. This will let people spot one another’s emotional states. Three scientists from the MIT Media Lab have invented this device. It will scan brain signals of the user and alert them of the emotional state of the person they have a conversation with. This device can help autism patients to improve their social learning capabilities.
These innovations show how far the biomedical field has progressed. In future, we will see more outstanding innovations that will stun us all!

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