We provide work-based learning in the field of engineering for the past 20 years. We train new engineers in Electrical, Mechanical, Maintenance, Welding and Fabrication. We also offer a dual-skill course if you want to be multi-skilled.

We provide training services across various ranges on engineering specializations. We provide the new engineers with the basic skills needed across all aspects of engineering before focusing on their specific career paths. Our state-of-the-art facility offers the best academic and practical training opportunities for engineers. Our labs are well-equipped for engineers to get hands-on experience in various aspects of engineering. We understand what skills employers demand from the employees; so, we design our courses accordingly.

By attending our training programs, you will be able to develop your engineering skills and compete globally. You will learn skills to help you do better in your field. Our certifications will help you to get better jobs. So, start your journey with us and become a qualified engineer to enter the job market.